The Arsène capsule collection Césaire + Philippe Zorzetto


Stéphanie Césaire, a designer of refined, high-end bags and Philippe Zorzetto, a luxury shoe designer whose creations have a special, rock’n’roll touch, have collaborated on a capsule collection of a wallet, iPad case and bag in their respective images.

This is a natural collaboration since both Parisian designers are passionate about beautiful materials and their universes are extremely complementary. Taking inspiration from the “Chelsea” boot in Philippe Zorzetto’s collection, they created a line of chic, pared down, minimal, unisex accessories.

Manufactured entirely in France, the wallet and iPad case associate refined leathers in combinations of black and midnight blue or pearl gray and caramel. The vertical, graphic shoulder bag is timeless and can be worn by men or women.

These three trendy gift ideas are ideal for lovers of a simple, chic French style who appreciate rare pieces. The designers have introduced the capsule collection in limited quantities for the 2014 holiday season.

Winter is green

Caban maxi-minimalist mood,

Tin-Tine, an updated camera bag…

Idole, refined folding

Nomade, voluptuous traveller

Best Wishes 2017

Césaire, tradition in the service of creativity

Allured Metis

Tako, modern fluidity

Adopt a new Petit Ami

Justine, refined and elegant

Blouse, sensual and sophisticated

Césaire sets high standards for our leathers that respect the environment

Mothers Day

Fanny, think oversized for Summer

Césaire is on tour with l’Habibliothèque

Stéphanie Césaire’s “Couture” bag

Césaire and Keren Ann, it’s so obvious!