Marpessa, voluptuous and structured


With the supple, yet constructed design of this wide contemporary square, Stéphanie Césaire creates a model for Winter that sets high standards with its generous shape. Its double volume and single handle is at once casual, sophisticated and relaxed.  

Worn on the shoulder or scrunched up in the hand and held closed by a subtle jewel or elegant fold, this model has a tactile voluptuousness.  

Marpessa is developed in a choice of skins that can harmonize with different types of elegance. A smooth, calfskin with a sublime hand offers a sensitive modernity. A mat, smooth nubuck calf suede amplifies the model’s sensuality with an entoxicating touch of softness. And finally, a finely-grained deerskin creates an uncomplicated attitude.

All are worked in warm colors of taupe, gold, slate or Kenya brown.

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