A colorful Summer at Césaire!


For the new season, Stéphanie Césaire has enriched her palette with four colors inspired by vivid southern hues. Between intense, warm tones and deep, fresh shades, Césaire plays up contrasts.  

A radiant lagoon blue opens the ball and immerses Ode’s bubble lambskin and Gavroche’s grainy nubuck in a wave of exotic freshness.  

A vibrant terracotta warms up a summery color range of coppery tones. Its sun-drenched shades envelop the iguana-embossed lambskin of Bahia and or the bubble lambskin of Marisa.  

Because Gold is a classic, Césaire reworks this essential shade on a vegetable-tanned calfskin and offers a version called Feu. This summer, we find this natural, luminous tone on Fanny or Carolyn.  

The palette is completed by a discreet olive-khaki green highlighted by imperceptible yellow accents to affix its bister shades on the saddle-leather calf of John or the nubuck of Nathan.  

Find a Césaire color that will give you a radiant Summer full of strength and character …

A Pauline breeze

The absolute Bahia

Iconic Neosellier

Toaster, a mini urban bowling bag

Tac-o-Tac its heart is caught between two rings!

Foulard, improbable lightness.

The emblematic Gold

Titi: The incredible lightness of summer

Jeanne: a chic context for elegance

Garance : relaxed and trendy

Woven leather: timeless and iconic

Our best wishes for crystal clear and inspired year 2018.

Winter is green

Caban maxi-minimalist mood,

Tin-Tine, an updated camera bag…

Idole, refined folding

Nomade, voluptuous traveller