Césaire sets high standards for our leathers that respect the environment


For Césaire, the fact that a woman is enhanced by a beautiful bag is not just about aesthetic standards. We’re extremely conscious of being able to offer transparency to our clients regarding the origin and manufacturing of our leathers. Our partner tanneries, all located in southwestern France and northern Italy, respect naturally the precise European directives concerning leathergoods and the environment.

This means that they closely monitor their use of chemical substances and treatments of leathers. They don’t use Chrome 6, don’t eject toxic chemical substances in the environment and manage their waste products responsibly.   In addition, our close proximity to the tanneries lets us reduce the distances between the taweries (small skin tanneries), French manufacturing workshops and the final client in the boutique. We have mastered and optimized a path for leathers that is done entirely by road transport, allowing us to reduce our business’ carbon footprint to a minimum.

By acquiring a bag from Maison Césaire, you know you’re buying a product with the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Photo credit : All rights reserved to Conceria 800

The emblematic Gold

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Our best wishes for crystal clear and inspired year 2018.

Winter is green

Caban maxi-minimalist mood,

Tin-Tine, an updated camera bag…

Idole, refined folding

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Césaire, tradition in the service of creativity

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