Maison Césaire invites Trèfle Rouge Paris for an enchanting festive season from December 12th to January the 4th at 6 rue Saint Florentin, Paris 1er. Continents meet, the nomadic spirit inspirations of Trèfle Rouge Paris compliments beautifully the artistic universe of Maison Césaire, Parisian leather

Talk about uniqueness! With Sonia, Stéphanie Césaire offers us an assertive silhouette. Her imagination rambles extravagantly in this bag that resembles a scarf wrapped around the arm … and why not! This surprising pouch is ideal for your evenings in supple leather held in place

The pencil doesn’t lie, sometimes we feel that we’ve designed something so evident that everything falls into place … the sober material, the careful, precise finishings. This is how Flora a simple, sophisticated pouch with pure lines was born. Triangular, flat and perfectly hugging the shoulder,

Maison Césaire’s unusual bucket bag, Galop, is inspired by the riding and saddle world thanks to its oblong triangular shape. Stéphanie Césaire studied the complementarity of two contrast shapes so the bag’s form can be modified depending on how it is worn. Worn on the shoulder, Galop

For those who want to go out with just essential items and not feel weighed down by a bag, here’s one you’ll forget you’re carrying! Stéphanie Césaire imagined the company’s new, ultra-light, energetic, Pauline clutch that offers a sober breath of elegance to any outfit. Worn