Césaire Collection Spring Summer 2019

Between concrete and lightness -- A collection between concrete and lightness sketches out a delicate dance with a tamed authenticity. -- Galop, with its unique elegance and lightly-grained leather, borrows its curved, sharp, part-bucket, part-saddle lines from saddle-makers and is suspended from a wide leather strap. -- Renée cleverly separates the contents of our hurried lives in a refined, supple, everyday bag with an XL volume that has a single shoulder strap and a flap accented by thin, crossed tabs. Its buffalo leather, with a marked grain, gives it a sober, elegant appeal. -- Ondine, made in a sensual bubble lamb, floats lightly thanks to its gentle wavy piping. -- Orphée, worn on the shoulder, borrows Neo-sellier’s tie-decorated oval to close its generous flap. -- Marlène is back with its pleated pouches and supple, hold-everything volume that can be held in the hand thanks to its inset, turned-down handle with an oval opening or worn on the shoulder to curve over the hip nonchalantly in a summery striped canvas. By taming leathers, dressing up colors and mastering lines, our workshops give rhythm to each season in original, functional bags that are the inseparable everyday companions to mirror your aesthetic expressions.


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Césaire Collection Spring Summer 2019

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Césaire Collection Spring Summer 2018

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