Jeanne: a chic context for elegance

Jeanne: a chic context for elegance

Jeanne makes an elegant entrance at Césaire! Delicately suspended from a single handle, it is the perfect union of classicism and modernity.

With this structured square, Stéphanie Césaire shows her desire to create a well-defined, organized bag. Jeanne’s handle delineates a wide curve before diving inside the small, square volume to emphasize its outlined flap – a subtle, modern accent for a bag with formal lines.

Held in the hand or worn on the shoulder, Jeanne’s boxy shape insures a perfectly balanced, elegant context. Its chic, pared-down style will certainly make an impact with its boxy lines, an ideal contrast for any outfit.

Under the flap, we can discover an unexpectedly large interior with a double partition marked outside by a delicate fold. The efficient, organized Jeanne also has an inside zipped pocket and wide cellphone pocket. Offered this season in grainy, young bull leather, it is available in a sober range of black, chalk, cumin and even sesame.

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