Maison Césaire invites Trèfle Rouge Paris

Maison Césaire invites Trèfle Rouge Paris

Maison Césaire invites Trèfle Rouge Paris for an enchanting festive season from December 12th to January the 4th at 6 rue Saint Florentin, Paris 1er.

Continents meet, the nomadic spirit inspirations of Trèfle Rouge Paris compliments beautifully the artistic universe of Maison Césaire, Parisian leather goods of excellence.

Trèfle Rouge Paris founder, Fabien Blachier met Stéphanie Césaire at the famous fashion house Kenzo and instantaneously share their contemporary and refined vision of fashion accessories creation.

Cesaire invite Trèfle Rouge Paris

Trèfle Rouge Paris French is a French brand and creates with passion, unisex fashion accessories for a traveling clientele, sensitive to beautiful materials. Like Maison Césaire, Trefle Rouge Paris is about ​​timeless luxury with impeccable finishes and a casual elegance all rooted in a sustainable dimension to give more meaning to tomorrow.

For the pleasure of giving or passing on, the collection of scarves made in France carries at its heart a symbol, a promise of luck, a four leaf-clover. A collection of jewellery enriches the universe of the brand and highlights the unique work of the hand.

Exhibition and sale from December 12th to January 4th

au 6 rue Saint Florentin, Paris 1er. Parking and Metro Madeleine/Concorde

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