The amazing Poursin …


On the rue des Vinaigriers a few steps from the Canal Saint-Martin, is the incomparable Maison Poursin, a company that makes the brass findings for Césaire bags. Each piece is carefully conceived in the pure French leathergoods tradition. Enriched by four generations of family history, the Maison is the oldest buckle maker in Paris that is still exercising its trade.

The company, which originally specialized in saddle and bridle buckles, expanded into the fashion world at a time when quality French leathergoods were developed in the 1920’s. With the renewed popularity of equestrian activities, the company’s harness production was relaunched and modernized in the 1980’s. Procedures were updated and new techniques appeared like heated die cutting that helped reinforce the company’s reputation for quality. Today, the workshop’s originality depends on its ability to work with two different but connected universes. At Poursin, saddlery inspires leathergoods : the brass findings on the bags, derived from harnass pieces, are refined in lighter, more delicate ways.

The workshop is a labyrinth of marvels, an Ali Baba treasure trove for rummaging through and discovering. We find all types of period pieces, from harnasses to saddles, some of which decorate the walls. The brass pieces are made with various manufacturing procedures such as bending, traditional sand casting, lathe cutting or machining. Each piece of equipment has a unique soul, some are over a hundred years old. For example, the cutting machine dates from World War I and was brought to France by the American army.

Thanks to its skills in leathergoods and shoemaking, Poursin has established a solid reputation. Its respect of traditions and handicrafted quality inspire the confidence of a prestigious clientele. Stéphanie Césaire shares the workshop with some of the top names in Paris couture like Lanvin and Hermès.The Poursin-Césaire relationship originated when Stéphanie Césaire launched her brand. The close proximity of the Poursin workshop to the designer’s office is an advantage since it helps master the production process with a certain amount of suppleness.

Césaire’s concept of “beautiful bags” is not only about style but also about values. The celebration of artistic craftsmanship and creation using time-honored skills is the foundation for any stable luxury brand. Authenticity, intimacy and exclusivity bring a taste of rarity to luxury products.

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The amazing Poursin …

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