Césaire, tradition in the service of creativity


Leathergoods is the art of molding the noble and sensual material that is leather into a daily accessory. High symbol of feminity, the handbag accompanies women in each step of their lives and set their figures in motion.

  Each piece designed by Stéphanie Césaire aspires to be brought to life and become a timeless item, however the trust given to the craftman that will give life to Stéphanie Césaire ‘s designs is just as crucial.   For that purpose Césaire has chosen to surround herself with three French workshops also partners of great fashion Houses, that work in the biggest respect for leathergoods tradition. Concerned with the preservation of these secular know how inherited from saddlery, Stéphanie Césaire systematically integrates them to her bags conception, while keeping a unique and contemporary spirit.

Faithful to her collaborators since the beginning, they know how to decipher the intentions she expresses in her sketches and perfectly know how to transcribe her creation’s spirit on the leather. She thus combines her couture spirit with ther knowledge of leather, and her creative spirit with their technical mastery in order to obtain singular creations tinged with revisited tradition.   

From textures associations to the stitching colour, no details are left to chance. This is for the sake of quality, between innovation and tradition, that are realized all of our bags. Thanks to that « Made in France » we contribute not only to the maintain of an historic Know-How in the leathergoods culture but also to the employment development in the leathergoods field.

Césaire Paris is a house of French luxury leather goods, all our creations and models are create and made in France,
This local production will guarantee the ethics of the house but also the selection of materials and leathers in accordance with the European standards of safety and quality with minimal environmental impact.

Césaire, tradition in the service of creativity

Césaire sets high standards for our leathers that respect the environment

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