Amethyst is everywhere


Amethyst is THE color of the season … it’s everywhere ! A touch of burgundy here, an accent of wine there … it envelops us in its warm, spicy tones during the cold season, subtly competing with black or dark tones to guarantee an intoxicating, savvy elegance !

The designer associates it with soft, sensual materials such as grainy nubuck calf and bubbled, wrinkled or embossed lamb.

Karlito, Neotiti, Ruban Clutch, Titi, Thérèse...
Amethyst adapts itself marvelously to these models with their clean-lined and flared shapes.

“Vasarely, sharing forms” at Centre Pompidou

A Pauline breeze

The absolute Bahia

Iconic Neosellier

Toaster, a mini urban bowling bag

Tac-o-Tac its heart is caught between two rings!

Foulard, improbable lightness.

The emblematic Gold

Titi: The incredible lightness of summer

Jeanne: a chic context for elegance

Garance : relaxed and trendy

Woven leather: timeless and iconic

Our best wishes for crystal clear and inspired year 2018.

Winter is green

Caban maxi-minimalist mood,

Tin-Tine, an updated camera bag…

Idole, refined folding