Césaire and Keren Ann, it’s so obvious!


Césaire and Keren Ann is a spontaneous encounter, an immediate, sincere attraction between two creative women who aren’t afraid of going against the grain…  

Stéphanie Césaire shares a vision of creating unique, authentic pieces with Keren Ann, a discreet artist whose forceful, sincere melodies freeing from current musical trends. A natural complicity was born between between Stéphanie, a long-time fan of the singer and Keren Ann, who immediately fell in love with Stéphanie’s bags.  

Keren had already acquired Césaire’s Bahia, Oscar and Gavroche bags before showing the mythical Trinity bag in her new clip “Where did you go ?”. The “guest star” didn’t steal the spotlight from the sensual, captivating singer in her new album …  

Also see photos of Keren Ann on Grazia magazine’s Instagram where she discusses her inspirations and essential fashion pieces. You’ll see Césaire’s Trinity bag as well as the Bahia clutch Keren Ann carries every day …          

The emblematic Gold

Titi: The incredible lightness of summer

Jeanne: a chic context for elegance

Garance : relaxed and trendy

Woven leather: timeless and iconic

Our best wishes for crystal clear and inspired year 2018.

Winter is green

Caban maxi-minimalist mood,

Tin-Tine, an updated camera bag…

Idole, refined folding

Nomade, voluptuous traveller

Best Wishes 2017

Césaire, tradition in the service of creativity

Allured Metis

Tako, modern fluidity

Adopt a new Petit Ami

Justine, refined and elegant