Ballotin – Saddle calf Black

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A delicately rolled leather mini Ballot, the Ballotin bag is wrapped with a slender sliding strap resembling a ribbon. Like in a “Cat’s Cradle” game, this leather ribbon allows this small leather volume to sway with a variety of classic or unconventional carries. Highlighted by a full-length zipper, its evolving design brings forth a surprising and confidently unique character.

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The Ballotin Bag is a mini rounded leather ballot. It features a slender sliding strap for versatile carrying options and closes with a central metal zipper. Lined with taupe cotton twill. Crafted in France using artisanal methods.”

Weight 470 kg
Dimensions 28 × 9 × 13 cm



Saddle calfskin


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Magnificent full grain saddle calf leather is made from first choice skins. Thanks to its vat-dyed stainproof treatment, this thick, supple, resistant leather has a beautiful, deep, matte color. It’s subtle shading, grainy, waxy hand and softness give it an unmatched look. Made in France.

The high-quality French or European leather used in our creations is a living material. It thus requires special attention to resist the passage of time and become even more beautiful. Discover how to care for your leather on an everyday basis.