Césaire fashion house

Stéphanie Césaire’s
French Couture bag

« I want to create sensual and voluptuous proportions for timeless and unique pieces because wearing a beautiful handbag is a pleasure which can be enjoyed each and everyday. »
Stéphanie Césaire

Stéphanie Césaire acquired extensive experience in Couture & Fashion accessories through her collaboration with top designers such as Albert Elbaz (Guy Laroche), Karl Lagerfeld (Lagerfeld Gallery), the LVMH Group (Kenzo) ; and for Chloé, Nina Ricci and Azarro Couture Houses. In 2007, she launched her own french luxury handbag brand to express her singular vision of the ultimate accessory − women’s perennial fashion ‘companion’. Shunning the mainstream, she infuses authentic craftman’s values and fashions into her architectural pieces – each of them inspired and timeless – and each made with no less than the finest materials by French craftsmen.

Handbag architecture for a collection extolling simple and sensual luxury

Where others may add on, Stephanie pares down, designing her handbags with streamlined refinery, strong proportions while playfully revisiting fashion codes. An astonishing simplicity emerges from her unusual mix of simple lines paired with a “cheeky” Parisian style. Her objective: to create unique hand-bags for everyday, each with discrete and casual luxury. All her designs tie together with clips, hollow folds, strings and but tons; or can be explored through flush double-stitched pockets.

Sophisticated and natural materials for an authentic look and feel

Her handbags are made out of only the finest leather with designs that display a simple luxury. Deer leathers are re-drummed for smoothness and an untamed crinkledlook; young bull waxed leather is cherry-picked for its natural grain and firmness; semi-glossy goat leather for its timeless beauty; and waxed bull calf for its sensuous feel . With minimal adornment these materials respect the nuances and natural grain of the leather while reinforcing the strength and authenticity of the design. Accessories such as snaps, hooks, buttons and engraved plates are crafted out of raw natural horn and combined with rough brass, a material that is allowed to shine with the natural patina of age. Each are of fered in a wide variety of warm and natural colors, detailed with stitches often displayed deliberately as a par t of the design.

A house of real French leather goods to guarantee quality and ethics

Césaire Paris is a house of French luxury leather goods, all our creations and models are create and made in France. This local production will guarantee the ethics of the house but also the selection of materials and leathers in accordance with the European standards of safety and quality with minimal environmental impact.

Leathergoods is the art of molding the noble and sensual material that is leather into a daily accessory. High symbol of feminity, the handbag accompanies women in each step of their lives and set their figures in motion.

Each piece designed by Stéphanie Césaire aspires to be brought to life and become a timeless item, however the trust given to the craftman that will give life to Stéphanie Césaire ‘s designs is just as crucial. For that purpose Césaire has chosen to surround herself with three French workshops also partners of great fashion Houses, that work in the biggest respect for leathergoods tradition. Concerned with the preservation of these secular know how inherited from saddlery, Stéphanie Césaire systematically integrates them to her bags conception, while keeping a unique and contemporary spirit.

Each and every woman who loves and knows fashion will surely find something of themselves in Stéphanie Césaire’s beaufitul designs…

Césaire, tradition in the service of creativity

Faithful to her collaborators since the beginning, they know how to decipher the intentions she expresses in her sketches and perfectly know how to transcribe her creation’s spirit on the leather. She thus combines her couture spirit with ther knowledge of leather, and her creative spirit with their technical mastery in order to obtain singular creations tinged with revisited tradition.

From textures associations to the stitching colour, no details are left to chance. This is for the sake of quality, between innovation and tradition, that are realized all of our bags. Thanks to that « Made in France » we contribute not only to the maintain of an historic Know-How in the leathergoods culture but also to the employment development in the leathergoods field.

By acquiring a bag from Maison Césaire, you know you’re buying a product with the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Césaire sets high standards for our leathers that respect the environment

For Césaire, the fact that a woman is enhanced by a beautiful bag is not just about aesthetic standards. We’re extremely conscious of being able to offer transparency to our clients regarding the origin and manufacturing of our leathers. Our partner tanneries, all located in southwestern France and northern Italy, respect naturally the precise European directives concerning leathergoods and the environment.

This means that they closely monitor their use of chemical substances and treatments of leathers. They don’t use Chrome 6, don’t eject toxic chemical substances in the environment and manage their waste products responsibly. In addition, our close proximity to the tanneries lets us reduce the distances between the taweries (small skin tanneries), French manufacturing workshops and the final client in the boutique. We have mastered and optimized a path for leathers that is done entirely by road transport, allowing us to reduce our business’ carbon footprint to a minimum.

The Cesaire snap like a signature…

Accessorize the appurtenances is undoubtedly in the air, a lot of gadgets, whozits and other whatzits are hanging to our bags like trophy. Stéphanie Césaire create for the most of her bags, a horn snap, like a unique signature.

Inspired by the « C » of Césaire, the snap has become quickly the emblem of Cesaire’s House.

It is declined in dark or clear horn, and in some bags, in old gold, or brossed inox for men.Synonym of guenuineness, the snap knows a real success, and you can buy it from now.Linked up to a leather link, the snap become an odd gizmos.