Soft leather bags


Foulard is a subtle blend of suppleness and geometric lines. The generous fluidity of its two flaps hides a minimal structure of two ample, back-to-back rectangular pockets. This evanescent bag with a bohemian silhouette has a touch of romanticism.


Strength and character of this leather are expressed in a generous and structured volume of this shoulder bag. Gabin handbag is hiding an evolutionary shape under its chunky appearance: it transforms into a large shopper bag simply by unbuttonning it. Its belted structure brings in particular Parisian allure.


Strength and character are expressed by the generous, structured volume of this shoulder bag. Using Gabin’s codes, Georges surprises with an evolutive shape: it unfolds into a tote by detaching the two upper corners.

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Marisa, icon of a naked feminity, the choice of an uns- tructured loudness which the « châle » opening reveal the material’s sensuality..


The supple yet structured design gives a strong impact to this wide, contemporary square. Worn on the shoulder or scrunched up and carried like a giant clutch, its double volume and single handle add a casual, relaxed, yet refined touch to your look.

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SALE Marpessa Sac Souple Césaire Noir Français
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Nina is a versatile purse nonchalantly falling down on a leather halter fixed with a metal hook. Marriage between a conventional canvas bag and the House’s saddler tradition results in this charming shoulder bag.


A supple bag with airy lines and a lightweight feel, Nomade’s generous shape is closed with a wide zipper and defined by a front zipped pocket. Its narrow, slightly contrasted straps run through metal rings OR triangular metal rings so it can be worn in different ways. Its unusual fluidity will dress up any silhouette with an evanescent simplicity.


Harmony and naivety are expressed in the curves of this delicate model suspended from a strap decorated with a large horn buckle. This supple, light, relaxed, sophisticated bag will accompany you for any occasion.


Ondine plays up its curves with a twirly lightness. Its supple, uncluttered shape shows off a wavy piping all along the handle. Its elegant simplicity and modernity will soften any silhouette.


Pauline is Stéphanie Césaire’s ultra-light clutch that can hold the essential for day or night. Its curved line and suppleness assure a sober elegance.


A sophisticated hobo bag, Tac-o-tac dangles from two oval, brushed metal rings attached by a supple leather handle. It can be worn two ways for any circumstance: on the shoulder, it offers an ostentatious OR a bold touch to the silhouette while, held in the hand, it guarantees a dynamic, contemporary look.


Simply cut, with a round shape, made from finest leather, this simple handbag follows the elemental codes of the House. Casual and elegant, Titi marries the silhouette naturally.