Loyalty program

Loyalty and Sharing:
Césaire rewards you

Césaire is a company for those “in the know”, a company for women with a unique fashion vision regarding what they wear, that adore French quality products and have a fine-tuned ethical sensibility.

You are one of these people …
You’re one of these people who made our creations so successful, and in order to thank you and let your friends and relatives benefit from our brand’s products, we decided to create the Preference Program.

Sharing your secrets makes sense …
Let the people around you discover the House, introduce your friends1 to the pleasure of owning a bag from our ultra-limited collection. If one of them falls in love with a model, she’ll immediately benefit from a 10 % discount2 on the product and you will benefit from an additional 10% discount in your Preference account that you can use on your next purchase2.

And since you certainly have more than one friend that could benefit from this offer, you could potentially accumulate discounts that equal 100% for a bag! It’s your call!

It’s simple and easy
Your e-mail address will be linked to a permanent personal discount code3, that will be sent to you as a thank you. You will receive an e-mail each time the discount percentage on your account is updated.

INDICATE HERE BELOW YOUR BENEFICIARIES E-MAIL ADDRESSES4  in order for them to receive the code allowing them to benefit from an immediate 10% discount.

General conditions of the offer:
1A sponsor cannot sponsor someone who’s already a House client or sponsor more than one person at the same time
2The discount can be used on any House product for a single or grouped purchase. Discounts can be accumulated with sales or other ongoing promotions
3Your discount code is personal and can only be used with the e-mail address you used when you signed up.
4The beneficiary’s discount code is personal and will only be applicable using his/her email address, indicated during the beneficiary’s registration, and using the sponsor’s own email address. It has a 1 year validity and can only be used once.