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Stéphanie Césaire’s designer bags are made in the purest tradition of French leather goods. These luxury handbags, with their timeless design, are Made in France in limited series in French or European leathers and respect sanitary and social standards. Césaire Paris is a natural ethical, slow fashion brand whose manufacturing makes little impact on the environment.

New Lines


Ondine plays up its curves with a twirly lightness. Its supple, uncluttered shape shows off a wavy piping all along the handle. Its elegant simplicity and modernity will soften any silhouette.


Hussard, a unisex saddle bag with traditional overtones and a horseriding elegance is sturdy and practical for a timeless, relaxed attitude. Its authentic, square, simple, light volume will accompany you everywhere and add a certain sharpness to your appeal.


The unusual, oblong, triangle Galop bucket bag takes inspiration from the saddlery world in a shape that plays up colors and forms. Modular and flared when carried on the arm, it can also be hugged close to the body and worn on the shoulder. It will let you stand out thanks to its unique silhouette, often interpreted in two colors.


Orphée, a small flapped bag with a vintage shape, incorporates Césaire’s signature saddle ring as a raised, ornamental tab to close its generous flap. The trendy Orphée will bring energy and femininity to any silhouette.

Our other models


Oversized bag with straight lines and curved details, Andy is a unisex bag totally urban. Closed with a tab of leather on a steel stud, it interior has a pocket for the mobile phone materialized through the phonic perforations.


The Ange bag, a small, refined box with precise, minimal lines, has a vintage feel. Practical, basic and chic, it is essential for your wardrobe since its light, carefree air is perfect for going out with only the bare necessities.


The remarkably glamorous Bahia is a structured clutch with surprising charm that can be worn two ways for an extremely chic femininity. A bold handle emphasizes its strict, geometric lines that evoke a contemporary elegance.


Bettina is a hand carry bag in the classical volume, reviewed by the codes of the House and adorned with only one handle giving it an unusual pendular carry. “Saddler” spirit of this bag makes it a daily sophisticated companion.


Blouse is a wide, half-moon shape in supple leather. It’s curved “drape” is due to well-placed pleats radiating out from a clean front panel. Its sensual curved line gives it a unique femininity when it is carried.

SALE Blouse Cuir France Sac Césaire
850.00  425.00 
SALE Blouse Sac Césaire France Prune
850.00  425.00 
SALE OUT OF STOCK Blouse Sac Cuir Cesaire France
SALE OUT OF STOCK Blouse Sac cuir Cesaire France


With its modern, minimalist attitude, Caban reworks the traditional tote bag. This everyday companion with its large volume will hold whatever you want – and more – while remaining chic, urban and elegant! A timeless piece with formal overtones and an original detail: a reversible colored tab at the front to offer two different looks!

SALE OUT OF STOCK Caban Veau Sellier France Sac Césaire
950.00  570.00 
SALE Caban Veau Sellier France Sac Césaire
950.00  475.00 
SALE Caban Veau Sellier France Sac Césaire
950.00  475.00 


The pretty, sophisticated Carolyn bag makes any outfit more dynamic. Its refined modern elegance is ideal for those who like small, structured bags. Carolyn can be held in the hand for a more delicate appeal or worn on the shoulder for a more urban style.

SALE OUT OF STOCK Carolyn Cuir de Veau Sellier Sac Césaire
SALE Carolyn Veau Français Abysse Sac Césaire
750.00  375.00 

Fan clutch

In the continuity of wallets OR the company’s wallets with a nomadic spirit, Stéphanie proposes her vision of the “all-in-one”: the fan clutch. The principle of this piece that has become a house OR new house signature thanks to its unique aesthetic is based on a single gesture: it can be spread like a fan. The drawstring tie is transformed into a short strap so it can be worn on the wrist. As either a daytime wallet or an evening clutch, this clever two-in-one accessory offers an.


Foulard is a subtle blend of suppleness and geometric lines. The generous fluidity of its two flaps hides a minimal structure of two ample, back-to-back rectangular pockets. This evanescent bag with a bohemian silhouette has a touch of romanticism.


Strength and character of this leather are expressed in a generous and structured volume of this shoulder bag. Gabin handbag is hiding an evolutionary shape under its chunky appearance: it transforms into a large shopper bag simply by unbuttonning it. Its belted structure brings in particular Parisian allure.


Gamin is an elegant saddle bag with a button-down flap. Its triangular geometry is lightened up by its wide, curved lines and shape. It’s satchel handle and shoulder strap evoke a studious and relaxed style.


With a temper of Antant bags, Gavroche is an elegant vintage-like handbag, can be carried either in hand or on the shoulder thanks to the strap which dynamizes the silhouette and multiplies occasions where you can wear it.


Strength and character are expressed by the generous, structured volume of this shoulder bag. Using Gabin’s codes, Georges surprises with an evolutive shape: it unfolds into a tote by detaching the two upper corners.

990.00  693.00 


Elegance and character are exuded by this timeless model with its well-thought-out structure. The fold-down corners on the large rectangle are held in place by giant metal buttons, giving it an ultra-modern yet sober touch.


A rectangular clutch with a minimal structure inspired by the Icône bag. Its corners are turned down simply and decorated with two rounded metal studs. Worn on the shoulder or held in the hand, it offers any silhouette a modern intimacy.


Jeanne proposes a square, clean volume that is structured by an outlined flap. It’s single handle offers a subtle balance that adds a minimalist appeal to its modern classicism.


Justine is a sober and elegant bag embellished by a shifted front pocket and outlined by a raised line emphasizing its bold cut. Can be hand carried or worn across the shoulder in a more tomboy style. True daily bag, Justine brings style and character to the everyday life.


Marisa, icon of a naked feminity, the choice of an uns- tructured loudness which the « châle » opening reveal the material’s sensuality..


The supple yet structured design gives a strong impact to this wide, contemporary square. Worn on the shoulder or scrunched up and carried like a giant clutch, its double volume and single handle add a casual, relaxed, yet refined touch to your look.

SALE OUT OF STOCK Marpessa Sac Souple Césaire Gold Français
990.00  495.00 
1,290.00  645.00 
SALE Marpessa Sac Souple Césaire Noir Français
990.00  495.00 


Metis hangs from the shoulder with its adjustable strap. Its flap is closed by a tribal arrowhead in horn. Combining the exoticism and the refinement  of calculated vintage lines, the confusion of roles of this convenient little volume symbolises the new melting pot


A timeless schoolbag reworked in an unstructured shape with flowing, fluid lines that keeps its rectangular form thanks to two front pockets. This refined satchel, worn across the shoulder, will become your everyday companion.


Inspired by values of saddlery traditions, Neosellier bag embodies the French refinement. Its contrast stitching, her handles and belted reveal feminine sophisticated contours. This shoulder bag gracefully marries your silhouette.


Nina is a versatile purse nonchalantly falling down on a leather halter fixed with a metal hook. Marriage between a conventional canvas bag and the House’s saddler tradition results in this charming shoulder bag.


A supple bag with airy lines and a lightweight feel, Nomade’s generous shape is closed with a wide zipper and defined by a front zipped pocket. Its narrow, slightly contrasted straps run through metal rings OR triangular metal rings so it can be worn in different ways. Its unusual fluidity will dress up any silhouette with an evanescent simplicity.


Harmony and naivety are expressed in the curves of this delicate model suspended from a strap decorated with a large horn buckle. This supple, light, relaxed, sophisticated bag will accompany you for any occasion.


Pauline is Stéphanie Césaire’s ultra-light clutch that can hold the essential for day or night. Its curved line and suppleness assure a sober elegance.


Renée is the big everyday bag imagined by Stéphanie Césaire to carry her computer while remaining stylish thanks to its large inside pocket. It has a single strap so it can be worn on the shoulder and its elegant, supple structure associates practicality and refinement.


A sophisticated hobo bag, Tac-o-tac dangles from two oval, brushed metal rings attached by a supple leather handle. It can be worn two ways for any circumstance: on the shoulder, it offers an ostentatious OR a bold touch to the silhouette while, held in the hand, it guarantees a dynamic, contemporary look.


Simply cut, with a round shape, made from finest leather, this simple handbag follows the elemental codes of the House. Casual and elegant, Titi marries the silhouette naturally.


Toaster, a mini urban bowling bag, has a generous shape with a supple, structured form. Its two zippers add a touch of modernity to this slightly retro bag, ideal for a chic, relaxed, very Parisian look.


Trinity’s graphic lines blur in a horizontal shape that is angled up on the sides. This intensely chic, feminine bag has a definite elegance.