Leo – Saddle calf leather gold

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Leo is an essential, vertical, mini pouch with double compartments that can hold a telephone, cards and slim accessories. The front is decorated with floral-shaped perforations that emphasize the sound and light emanating from a cellphone. Its two compartments, created by simple, clever folds, are closed front and back by a leather tab held in place by a metal collar button. Its narrow strap means it can be worn bandoleer style, on the shoulder or around the neck to be more daring. The grainy, saddle-stitched calfskin with calf suede lining gives this minimal accessory a sober, authentic elegance.

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The Leo mini pouch’s two equal-sized compartments are ideal for holding your cell phone, cards and slim accessories. Closed on each side by a leather tab with a metal collar button, it can be worn bandoleer style, on the shoulder or around the neck. Lined in calf suede, Leo is made in France.

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Dimensions 11 × 3 × 18 cm

Saddle calfskin



Magnificent full grain saddle calf leather is made from first choice skins. Thanks to its vat-dyed stainproof treatment, this thick, supple, resistant leather has a beautiful, deep, matte color. It’s subtle shading, grainy, waxy hand and softness give it an unmatched look. Made in France.

The high-quality French or European leather used in our creations is a living material. It thus requires special attention to resist the passage of time and become even more beautiful. Discover how to care for your leather on an everyday basis.

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