Nô – Grained buffalo leather Gold

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Nô is a timeless, singular, kinetic creation whose evolutive, visual concept is based on the simplicity of its conception. The symbolic principal of a flat cut that expands can be developed and used for other materials or universes. This handcrafted, minimal creation that reveals beauty in an ultimate, simple object, represents a sustainable, responsible creation in harmony with our planet. Nô is made in France.

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Nô is an adorable, changing mini leather bag. Its evolutive volume comes from simple cuts in the leather that then open like a three-dimensional netting which shifts as a transforming mask over a supple leather drawstring pouch. This delightful, twirly, hand-held bag gives the silhouette an optimistic cheerfulness.

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Dimensions 16 × 26 × 16 cm



Grained buffalo leather



Supple, full grain, semi-shiny buffalo leather has an irregular, natural grain. The variations of its grain are emphasized by how each pattern piece is placed on the skin before cutting. It is vat-dyed, sturdy, long-lasting and resists tears or scratches. Made in France.

The high-quality French or European leather used in our creations is a living material. It thus requires special attention to resist the passage of time and become even more beautiful. Discover how to care for your leather on an everyday basis.