Braid your summer!

Braid your summer!

Our fruitful collaboration with Estelle Yoméda and Kente Project Art Lab continues with our iconic TITI bag, reimagined in the style of artisans from Togo.

TITI TIE is handwoven with twisted nylon thread, a customary material used by local fishermen, by an artisan who inherits the traditional knotting technique. Here, the artisan presents their colorful expression through the knots.

We share the spirit of the Kente Project, which contributes to the economic development of very small businesses and independent artisans while preserving the traditional craftsmanship of Togo.

We offer it in multicolored threads as well as in a mesmerizing two-tone combination of green/blue, fuchsia/red, as well as black and chocolate. It comes with a cotton pouch and is adorned with a metal carabiner. Kente Project Art Lab online.

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