Little Joh, in all its states!

Cross over bag Joh Césaire Paris Top french handbag designer

Little Joh, in all its states!

They are here! In response to the enthusiasm for our Little Joh bag, our workshops unveil a plethora of models adorned with exceptional leathers for this versatile, unconventional, and nomadic cross over bag.

Pure novelties, such as crocodile leather in a deep brown shade, exceptionally soft, or perforated black leather for a decidedly contemporary look.

The timeless woven patterns in taupe cumin and blue cumin lamb leather, designed in a Madras motif, continue to charm. Not to forget our mesmerizing multicolored leather, a palette of eleven shades awakened by a touch of sky blue this season, always available in black with a graphic base inspired by the cube fall, borrowed from the artist Vasarely.

Bubbled lamb leathers stand out with their delicate grain and subtly nuanced colors. Also, the eagerly awaited nubuck calf leathers that captivate with their softly rounded fall and unparalleled softness.

Finally, an exotic and vintage touch is introduced with iguana-embossed lamb leather, perfectly harmonizing with this model and stylishly wearable in all seasons.

Feel free to immerse yourself in the Little Joh universe, where style and sensuality intertwine.

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Sac Bandoulière Joh Césaire Paris Top french handbag designer Sac Bandoulière Joh Césaire Paris Top french handbag designer

For bags marked “on order” on the website, don’t hesitate! Our lead times are actually shorter than announced because, with the available leathers, your bag should be crafted in less than four weeks.