Stéphanie Césaire invites Ema Pradère

Céramiques Ema Pradère

Stéphanie Césaire invites Ema Pradère

Ema Pradère emanates a profound and creative energy. She entered the world of ceramics as one enters a religious path. Full of adventure and daring, she discovered and mastered ceramics during an initiatory journey spanning several years, taking her to Japan, India, Greece, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Iran…

“The connection with nature that has been with me since childhood is essential.”

With Ema, nature is served at the table, in all its organic simplicity, with refinement. Bowls, plates, cups, vases, and dishes are like children of the earth, resembling leaves, bark, stones, and receptacles for rainwater. The green is chlorophyll, dark, nuanced, never the same twice, and the shapes are supple and suspended.

Under her skilled hands, shapes are set free; unquestionably, clay is her ally. In a joyful dance, Ema takes clay along, and clay responds. She stretches it, pushes it further, as if testing its limits, teetering on the edge of imbalance until a new equilibrium is found.


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