“Vasarely, sharing forms” at Centre Pompidou

Exposition Vasarely LePartageDesFormes Centre Pompidou

“Vasarely, sharing forms” at Centre Pompidou

Creating one’s own art form by playing with geometric shapes and colors in a logical, even scientific way is what Victor Vasarely did so successfully when he created Op Art.

In the 1960s he was everywhere, on posters and album covers (Bowie), in logos (Renault) and he even appeared in our homes on wallpaper …

Affiche Exposition Vasarely Centre Pompidou

Over 20 years after his death, the Centre Pompidou presents the first French retrospective of his work. The show’s circuit follows the important moments in the life of this artist-mathematician from his early years in the Bauhaus to his final innovative work that made an impact on art, design and fashion … and even introduced a fourth dimension!

More than artwork, a true stylistic idea is evoked in his creations.

Colonne Oeuvre Vasarely Exposition  Logo Renault Vasarely Exposition

This season, Stéphanie Césaire has taken inspiration from this play on forms, especially in the three-dimensional volume of the Galop bag or the multicolored weaves that reflect the artist’s influence.

Discover or rediscover this unusual artist who mixed science, painting and architecture and initiated a design that is still very contemporary.



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