The ideal, unique Bahia clutch will take shape in your hands and work perfectly with your elegant look. Thanks to its strict, geometric lines, it is extremely modern but still has a vintage feel. Worn on the shoulder, it can be easily forgotten thanks to its

Grand Sellier has been one of the company’s iconic bags. By paying homage to French saddle-making skills with its original, unique shape and assertive femininity, it has always been a big success.Designer Stéphanie Césaire has reworked it tastefully in the iconic Neosellier with its structured,

This slightly retro, everyday bag with its Parisian mood is original thanks to its generous yet supple shape that offers lots of extra space inside while remaining urban and elegant! It is ambivalent and plays a double game: double with an original opening that refers to

With Foulard, Stéphanie Césaire reinvents the supple bag with a minimal structure: its lightweight, easy-to-wear, elegant line is a subtle blend of flexibility and evanescent, geometric shapes for a neo-bohemian silhouette. The formal, informal, refined Foulard is small, lightweight and easy to carry. It is made

More than one of Césaire’s traditional colors, Gold is a typical color for handbags. We think of this warm light brown when we imagine the most natural leathers originally worked by saddlemakers. This same brown was the first to be used for bags worn on the

Jeanne makes an elegant entrance at Césaire! Delicately suspended from a single handle, it is the perfect union of classicism and modernity. With this structured square, Stéphanie Césaire shows her desire to create a well-defined, organized bag. Jeanne’s handle delineates a wide curve before diving inside the small, square

For the new collection, Stéphanie Césaire took inspiration from the company’s iconic Gabin bolster bag to create its little brother Garance in a more condensed shape. Garance still has the strength and character of its big brother thanks to its boxy shape held tight by

Woven leather is a wardrobe must-have: its authentic beauty has no equal for a bold chic look that is always original ! At Stéphanie Césaire, woven leather is ideal any time of year. This summer, we offer it in a multicolored variation with an incredible, three-dimensional